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Kriselda Gray
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30 seconds to mars, action movies, alex lifeson, america's next top model, arthritis, asatru, baroque music, being online, bones, books, cats, chuck, civil rights, cold case, concerts, criminal justice, criminal minds, criminal psychology, csi, daoc, dark age of camelot, disabled rights, dogs, dramas, dream theater, equality for all, er, eric clapton, evanescence, ewan mcgregor, fantasy, fantasy books, fashion, fibromyalgia, film scores, friends, globus, guitar, guitar playing, gymnastics, hair bands, hans zimmer, heart, heathens, herbal medicine, horses, ice skating, interfaith, internet, jared leto, jonathan rhys meyers, jonny lang, kenny wayne shepherd, l&o, labrador retrievers, lacuna coil, law & order, magni asgeirsson, medical scandals, migraines, mmorpgs, movies, music, norse mythology, numb3rs, olympics, paganism, pagans, pink floyd, progressive politics, progressive rock, project runway, psychology, queensryche, reading, religious freedom, religious rights, religious tolerance, rik emmett, ring of troth, rockstar, runes, rush, sarah mclachlan, science fiction, serial killers, size acceptance, tarot, tetris, the closer, thor, thunder, thunderstorms, top chef, tornados, tourette's syndrome, trevor rabin, true crime, u2, video games, vikings, warhammer, wicca, witchcraft, without a trace, world of warcraft, writing, writing opinions, x-men movies, yes
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This site is kind of a mish-mash of things that interest me - Politics, Pop Culture, Poetry and Paganism. I'm a middle-aged married woman with no kids except for the 2 dogs and a cat my husband and I spoil like crazy :). I've been disabled for several years and am homebound, so I keep myself busy reading, writing and playing Online Role Playing games. Music is also very important to me, and when my wrist isn't screwed up, I play guitar (intermediate level).

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